The Lavender’s approach to care giving

The entire Lavenders team works to the same ethos when caring for those who live here. It’s based on freedom of choice, dignity, privacy and kindness

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For those looking at residential care homes for a loved one it’s often difficult to know exactly what to look for. Yes, it’s important that the accommodation is attractive and the meals look tasty, but when it comes to elderly care, it’s about much more than that. What really matters is a care home’s ethos and approach to how they care for and treat those who live there.

Our very low staff turnover and high staff-to-resident ratio means we can provide long-term, consistent care and that our staff can get to know and understand residents and their needs extremely well. And this makes carrying out our care ethos far easier. Having familiar faces and a team that knows each other and works well together helps to build trust, respect and understanding.

Our team connect with residents and work towards creating a life that’s fulfilling and happy for them because they’re experienced, highly trained and have a genuine understanding of how to give care with warmth and inherent kindness.

Our ethos

Underpinning everything we do here at Lavenders is our ethos. We have a Residents’ Charter that you can read here, which is our promise to residents about what they can expect from us in terms of their day-to-day rights. But this is really just the bare minimum. Perhaps more important is our own philosophy about how we treat those that live here – and the manner in which we approach care giving.

Here we’ve listed out the expectations we have of all staff members. It’s based on treating everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve while treating them as individuals: 

– At Lavenders our philosophy is based upon the belief that the residents are entitled to be treated as individuals. To achieve this, the needs of all residents are assessed and individual care plans developed.

– We ensure that the environment we provide is the best it can be, in line with current creative thinking about elderly care while adhering to guidelines about best practices in clinical and social care.

– We understand the changes and needs that come with advancing years and in a gentle and supportive way, help residents to achieve the degree of independence and self-determination that they are comfortable with.

– We are here to enable our residents to continue with their pastimes and interests and to help them to maintain links with family and friends, in an environment similar to that which they enjoyed in their own homes.

We help them to develop and maintain a positive self-image which then gives self confidence to participate fully and live a fulfilled life.

– We understand and acknowledge their right to be left alone and to be free from intrusion or public attention into their affairs.

– We recognise the intrinsic value of people, regardless of circumstances, by respecting uniqueness and personal needs and we are committed to treating everyone with respect.

– We create opportunities for residents to think and act without reference to another person, including a willingness to incur a degree of calculated or chosen risk.

– We give choices – and the opportunity to select independently – from a full range of options.

– We acknowledge rights and the maintenance of all entitlements associated with citizenship.

– We work hard to help residents achieve a sense of fulfilment and the realisation of all personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life.

– We respect residents as individuals – and their right to be recognised as an individual in their own right, not solely as part of a group.

– We respect individual boundaries of behaviour, and ensure these boundaries are well defined and understood.

– We work hard to ensure every resident has a sense of self identity and the right to have their cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual, social, creative and emotional needs recognised and respected.

If you have any questions about our ethos and approach to care giving here at Lavenders, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our registered manager Candyce Brockwell on 01732 844744 or fill in the contact form below.

We look forward to welcoming you