What to expect at Lavenders

At Lavenders we ensure that everyone is able to live exactly how they wish. So, we have created a Residents’ Charter that explains our promise to all

Choice is a word that we use frequently here at Lavenders. Person-centred care and the right to the freedom to choose are both at the heart of everything we do.

We are committed to providing choice so that residents can make their own decisions about how they want to live, within the realms of safety.

Personal space and privacy are respected, people can choose to go for a stroll to the high street if it’s safe, and everyone has a say about where we go on day trips.

Ultimately, our residents are in control as far as it’s possible to be, while remaining safe and secure.

So that everyone knows their rights and what they can expect from us, we have created a Residents’ Charter. This clearly sets out our promise to residents and is set out below.


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Lavenders will use its best endeavours to ensure that each person in its care is entitled to:

  • Be treated with dignity, respect, compassion and kindness, irrespective of gender colour, creed, culture, health status or any other factors that can result in wrongful discrimination.

  • Receive care based on individual needs and informed choice with account being taken of physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual wellbeing, from appropriately skilled staff.

  • Be cared for in a clean and safe environment, which meets individual needs for privacy and comfort.

  • Be addressed as desired.

  • Receive visitors at any reasonable time.

  • Be informed about arrangements for – and any changes proposed in – care provision, daily living or accommodation; to have access to their personal records; to expect details of their condition to be confidential, and to choose who else knows about their condition.

  • Feel part of the community and to have opportunities to take part in recreational and leisure activities.

  • Continue to live with as much independence as possible commensurate with their safety and that of others, so that everyday life is not eclipsed by the need for care.

  • Have access to a telephone.

  • Have good relationships with staff and friends of Lavenders.

  • Choose a doctor, dentist, optician and chiropodist.

  • Manage their own financial and personal affairs whenever possible.

  • Choose to move to another home.

  • Bring personal belongings into the home within the requirements of health, safety and fire regulations.

  • Have access to a formal complaints procedure.

  • Have the support of an independent advocate of his/her own choice, if desired.

If you have any questions about our Residents’ Charter, please do not hesitate to get in contact by filling in the contact form, below.

We look forward to welcoming you